How to Lift Female Breasts?

A lot of women start considering plastic surgery as a way to improve the shape of their breasts after a major loss of weight. With slimming down breasts change the same way as other parts of the body do, and this fact becomes obvious especially in clothing that fits not quite the way you’d like.

Due to the fact that the body is under the aging process the shape changes and there are fatty tissues that replace firm portions of the breast. Both men and women should concern about their body after significant weight loss because changes that occur are similar.

Loosing much weight within a short period of time leads to the loss of elasticity of the skin, and it is especially typical for the breasts. In such cases the procedure known as mastopexy is recommended. This procedure is aimed at removing the sagging skin in this body part. The aim of this operation is to get more attractive breast, which looks younger, firmer and doesn’t look sagging. It improves the shape, contour and size of the breast.

The type of incision necessary for the surgery is determined for every patient individually depending on their needs, goals and desires, and the amount of skin they want to be removed. The brown skin surrounding the nipples (the areola) is what most weight loss patients need to be removed along with some of the other sagging skin of the breast.

While this surgery may be done through a minimally invasive procedure with a scar only around the areola, the degree of skin leniency with weight loss patients make such outcome most uncommon. After the operation the majority of patients can return to their work in a week or so. They can take up their everyday activities three weeks later.

Losing Weight and Subsequent Breasts Enlargement

It is not only the breasts skin that is negatively affected by major weight loss. Actually, even the breast tissue itself changes from full and supple to loose and flaccid. In the process of breast augmentation surgery the breasts restore their original volume with the help of breast implant.

Breast enlargement allows for many choices regarding the spot of the small incision this surgery can be performed through: it can be either along the breast fold, in the underarms or around the areola. The implants can be placed under the breast tissue or under the breast (pectoralis) muscle. Weight loss patients usually have the implants put under the muscle as it looks more natural.

The surgery of breast enlargement is an outpatient procedure and is done either with general or twilight anesthesia. The pain after surgery is controlled by oral medication, and most patients can return to work in eight to ten days after the surgery.

The reason why breast implants make moral police and medical professionals frown is the risks for health they entail. The most recent of controversies about implants being filled with silicone gel made a lot of physicians use implants filled with a saline solution.

You can find advice on breast lifting and augmentation in various weight loss forums. The suggestions you may find there are usually natural and safe. One of them will definitely work for you, and you will be happy with the improved shape of your breast.

In some cases you could do with breast enlargement pills or special gel. These means can also be effective and make your breasts look better and younger. Moreover, these means do not cause any harmful side effects.